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124,300 songs44,400 artists55,000 episodes and movies The Internet’s best source for music from TV and movies since 2005Copyright 2017 Tunefind LLC. Mark was left with his mother after his father passed away.

He studied molecular biology at Stanford University.

Andy: Well, I wouldn’t want to assume something I’m not supposed to be assuming.

Mark: You're like the Chinese Shirley Mac Laine, you know that?

Prue: Phoebe doesn't give presents, she gives cards three days late.

[Cut to Piper at the manor.] Piper: You have no idea how much Phoebe has put herself through. (Piper sees a "Psychics Wanted" ad circled in the paper.) she even got a job and everything.

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Prue: You guys aren’t trying to plan another surprise party for me, are you? Phoebe: No, we’ve given up on trying to surprise you, Prue. So you should be glad that I flaked, besides, you know as well as I do, she's gonna go away with Andy.

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