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Hanukkah is eight days long—a perfect amount of time to express your feminist values!I’ve compiled a list of Jewish, feminist-themed activities for Hanukkah—one for each day of the holiday.To be clear: these activities should be part of your life for the rest of the year, too!But sometimes it’s easy to fall behind, so without further ado, here is your recommended feminist Jewish agenda for this holiday." Parodies typically involve stylized New Speak used in random areas the original does not cover as well as blatant Windmills.A Fractured Fairy Tale is a "reimagined" Fairy Tale often retold from a Politically Correct viewpoint, Played for Laughs. There was chocolate, honesty, and lots of laughter.Although we represent different ages and family backgrounds, we found plenty in common around this very normal (and under-discussed) topic.

Imagine my surprise when I encountered the equivalent of an androgynous rubber suit embodied in the sculpture of artist/activist Linda Stein.

Both of them needed more women to participate in their programs. When, in 1977, Abzug and Senator Patsy Mink called for a national women’s conference, I foresaw that being hired to photograph the First National Women’s Conference as official photographer might be the most historic assignment of my lifetime.

We at JWA decided to have an informal group chat about menstruation, our bodies, and sex.

If you're curious what actually means, it's an originally Communist colloquialism related to the "party line", another phrase of the same pedigree; that which accords with the party line, and thus with the Communist Party's position on a given issue, is accurately described as "politically correct", while that which does not is not. And maybe someday our children or our children's children will hate each other like that, but it just doesn't work that way today. Iggy: So this medical caregiver of indeterminate gender, because nurses can be male or female, says to his or her disabled, or should I say differently-abled patient, "Why do you have a penguin on your head?

(Ironically, on many cultural issues the Communist Party has proven itself to be on the right, not the left.) Liz: Can't one human being not like another human being? Liz: So what you're saying is that any woman that doesn't like you is a racist.

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Often, the body in question is not only being overly cautious, they're actually oppressing the group that is the target of their actions, and are shocked should their targets explain that a patronizing, paternalistic attitude can be just as offensive as the perceived slight.