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Core data updating entities

I’m not sure how this alluded me for so long because it’s such a nice solution in my opinion.

In the first method, we are replacing a My Entity with a new My Entity completely. However in the second method, we’re using a My Entity View Model.

In the Product Name and Class Prefix fields enter Core Data, enable the Use Core Data checkbox and click Next to select a location to store the project files.

Xcode will create the new project and display the main project window.

The application developed in this chapter will take the form of the same contact database application used in previous chapters, the objective being to allow the user to enter name, address and phone number information into a database and then search for specific contacts based on the contact’s name.

As is often the case, we can rely on Xcode to do much of the preparatory work for us when developing an i OS application that will use Core Data.

To create the entity for the Core Data application, select the Core Data.xcdatamodeld file to load the entity editor: Figure 42-1 To create a new entity, click on the Add Entity button located in the bottom panel.

In the new project window, select the Empty Application option.

In the next screen make sure that the Devices menu is set to i Phone.

One of the most exciting features in the new version of Entity Framework (Entity Framework Core 1.0) is the addition of an in-memory data provider.

This makes it possible to prototype applications and write tests without having to set up a local or external database.

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Double click on the new Entity item that appears beneath the Entities heading and change entity name to Contacts.