Dangers of dating a writer

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That will turn us off to a degree that we might consider the idea of strangling your neck with our bare hands.Worse, it will be a lucid demonstration of your poor taste in literature.Dating a writer means you have to understand that we can disappear out of your radar for hours, or days, even weeks, not because we are not that into you.We are just very busy writing the next best-selling novel, no kidding!Dating a writer means you are at risk to being the subject of our piece 80% of the time. ) For all you know, we have already started your autobiography the moment you asked us out. Because in that case, there will be no changing names, and your full name will be written in bold, bloody letters from start to finish.Even when we are writing about politics, or the latest designer bag, or Buddhism, or how cute chihuahuas are, we have the tendency to turn any topic to a reflection of you. Don’t worry about us publishing negative stories about you when our little thing fades. Do not take this as a threat, we just want you to become a better person. When you are dating a writer, watch your every move. If you really want to date a writer, tell us that you hate Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.And if we are in the middle of finishing a 1,200-word article, sorry, Babe.We will have to say no even when we might really be dying a little bit inside to see you too.

We will fill our blogs with a parade of seemingly screwed up and downright depressing stories just so we can live up to your expectations.You have to know that we are eccentric, which is a fancy word for crazy.You’ll have to have a vocabulary that will keep up with ours.These blog entries might not be real, they might just be overflowing with hyperboles and exaggeration, and we will leave it for you to decide.We are sneaky and considerate at the same time in that way.

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Usually, we will start the story with “when I was seven” which is a clear indication that you should prepare yourself for a long talk.

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