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By the time he does use your bathroom it’s either because he is confident enough in your relationship that he’s over this stupid fear or he has food poisoning.8.

The first time he wasn’t worried about trying to impress you on the date.

You tell him it's cool and you vow to give it a couple tries, no matter how gross, I MEAN FUN it is.

(Plus, he adorably/creepily stares at you lovingly during the ceremony and your heart melts and OMG you're gonna have a million kids together.)22.

But this is less about the bowel movement that forever changed your plumbing and more about the vulnerability.

In the early days of your courtship, he’s going to avoid using your bathroom for anything that would make you look at him differently.

And for a lot of couples, that tends to happen around the six-month mark.

"But after you spend some time together, that perfect mask might start to slip, and you start seeing the real person." And this can happen at any time, says Kristin Zeising, Psy D, a sex therapist in San Diego. When you officially ask him to be your boyfriend and maybe be together forever and ever. There are plenty of relationship milestones that couples tend to remember: the first kiss, the first date, the first time you met your partner’s parents. (Also, sweating profusely is the sign of a healthy immune system 13. Just wear something nice and flirt with his dad a little. Bring his mom a gift and tell her you love her scarf.14. He doesn't hit on your mom and your dad doesn't kill him. It's shitty and it sucks and then you make up and the things they say about makeup sex?

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