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Synology no ip not updating

This is a day shot with WDR turned off, color balance is quite good and it’s a clear and sharp image but the sharp contrast in the image makes detail in the shadows hard to distinguish.

So much so that if you have lighting like I do here from a single street light and 2 porch lights you can just leave it in color day mode all the time.The other problem just about all domes have that an eyeball does not is glare on the dome from reflections, so a potentially cleaner image.And lastly, you don’t have to remove the dome cover to install the camera or aim the lens, making it easier to install. Eyeballs once aimed and tightened down are much harder to knock out of position, say by a suspect poking at it with a broom handle.You can set it to 1080P at 30fps if you wish, but for me, I like to get all pixels possible so all images shown later are in 3MP mode. I set all my cameras up to use the Windows Time Service at time.The reason is so that when an event occurs, my PC, my NVR software, my cameras all have the same time down to the second.

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You set the Video Standard to 60hz for NTSC and 50hz for PAL.

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