Virtual chatbot dirty

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Virtual chatbot dirty

Virtual Talk is a AI chatting app that makes you talk with whomever you want.

Beau-co customers can converse with the app about all manner of beauty related topics such as how to apply eye make-up, as well as specific Shiseido products.

Not only are words and phrases built complexly, but users frequently insert non-Japanese characters if using a text input.

Shiseido recognized that a conversational aspect would give them the desired interaction and provide a wealth of information about their customer base, but building and delivering such an app in Japanese was a challenge.

You can use the Microsoft speech system with it so you can talk to it.

Neo (nickname: Neobot) is a chatterbot of the Betabot family which uses the Program PY-SH engine and uses Xaiml files as the knowledge databases. Betabots are currently developed by Devyn Collier Johnson and the Xaiml-Developers Team.

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Therefore the program Neunmalklug may be used as a judge for the Turing-test.

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